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Work is its own cure. You have to like it better than being loved.

Sep 17 2014

Anonymous said: I saw a TERF/SWERF and she had tagged you in an event at MAC space in July? Was this an event you took part in?

Hi, sorry for the late reply, I haven’t been on tumblr lately, it’s not interesting me that much at the moment.  I believe you’re referring to the event a couple of months ago being put on by that Paisley person?  I wasn’t involved in it, no.  Actually I publically condemned MAC giving her a platform, and participated in some of the discussion around that on the No Platform for Transphobia facebook group.

I don’t know Paisley at all, I’ve just seen some of the things she’s said on Facebook, which I thought were both transphobic and pretty off-tap.  I remember someone I had met once, maybe twice, tagging me in the event.  I don’t really know anything about her politics.  I didn’t chase it up with her specifically beyond my participation in the No Platform group.  As I’m sure you can imagine, I see or am tagged in a lot of stuff I’m not crazy about on Facebook, and I don’t always choose to confront the person directly about it.

Sep 2 2014

Anyway if you go to the blogs of the people calling monetizeyourcat out for abuse - mostly young trans women - most of them, including the people most directly affected by her actions, are talking about how uncomfortable they are with cis people using their experiences to politically point-score about how dumb or questionable her politics are and how everyone should have known all along

and also that the fear of contributing to stereotypes of trans women as predatory was a major factor holding them back from leaving and speaking out

So like congratulations on your radically survivor-centred feminist politics I guess

I kind of think it’s a mistake to say you always knew/should have known/aren’t surprised someone is abusive based on their political viewpoints

Like where does that lead you in the end, straight back to “they have such good politics I can’t believe this of them”

People say one thing and do another all the fucking time, for good or bad


I’ve decided I’m going to become the kind of person who actually uses makeup brushes rather than just smearing stuff on with my grotty hands, what are the makeup brushes that are actually important, I’m confused


Thanks I received some helpful advice, now I know the meaning of femmeship

Sep 1 2014

I’ve decided I’m going to become the kind of person who actually uses makeup brushes rather than just smearing stuff on with my grotty hands, what are the makeup brushes that are actually important, I’m confused


Aug 31 2014

I get a lot of joy out of not being a jerk to students who need accommodations, it makes me feel like I’m rewriting my friends and my own time at uni

Aug 30 2014
David McDiarmid

David McDiarmid

I realised that the reason I don’t wear foundation is that I have so thoroughly internalised feminist critiques of the demand to wear only “natural” “classy” makeup that I feel guilty about wearing makeup that’s designed to “minimise” a “flaw” rather than draw attention to itself. New power relations from old and all that

Aug 29 2014

tanacetum-vulgare said: femmeships???

a friendship between femmes, usually a word that comes up in the middle of purple prose about sharing glitter and commiserating over getting fucked over by masculine people

lord knows my friendships with other queer feminine people must revolve around nothing other than this, we couldn’t possibly have other shared interests or anything else to offer each other, I couldn’t possibly have more in common with a butch than with a femme, I couldn’t possibly share queer or feminist solidarity with a butch woman, I couldn’t possibly have real conflict with or disinterest in another femme that’s not grounded in internalised misogyny. there is no substance to us other than unattributed makeup gifs, incorrectly attributed feminist quotes, and our relationship to masculine people, so what is there to have conflict over? what is there in us that might connect to something in another other than femininity? we are ghosts

w/e, some people are in spaces where it’s important for them to build connections over this stuff, that’s real, I personally find the way the term “femmeships” is used reductive and uninteresting and regularly misogynist

Aug 28 2014

Everyone I’ve ever met who talks about the importance of “femmeships” is really catty and competitive with [other] feminine women

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