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Aug 11

“Border violence is part of projecting the invader as outside and other, and functions as a concealment of European invasion. But bringing up the colonial past can also normalise or nativise settler colonisation, and erase Indigenous subjectivity and sovereignty in slogans like ‘we are all boat people’.” —

Lia Incognita, ‘Border violence as settler nativism’, The Platform.

This article adapted from my talk at the Beyond borders collective public forum last November has been published in Anarchist Affinity's magazine, you can read it online or in print.

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snfprtch said: Amanda says this is like a slightly gayer version of that moment in Mean Girls when the mom walks in and is like “can I get you guys anything? snack? condom?” etc.

he’s not a regular het, he’s a cool het

it’s 2014 and grown adults are still calling things “problematic”



Jul 29

“In a world with large income differences between countries, the rich countries can use more money to preserve and improve their own ecological capital.  One way of doing this is to import bio-and sink-capacity from poorer countries.  Inhabitants of the rich countries may, therefore, think that their lifestyles are sustainable, since the ecological capacity of their country is not eroding.  They may even think that becoming richer is the central solution to ecological overshooting, and blame the poor countries because they cannot sustain their ecological capital. ” —

"The rich-country-illusion effect", from Anderssen, J & Lindroth, M. 2001. "Ecologically unsustainable trade", Ecological Economics, vol 37: 113-122. Abstract here. This is an interesting article which lays out how ecological degradation is inextricably linked to an unequal balance of power between rich and poor nations, where richer nations must maintain a certain level of consumption to protect their own position in global trade and industry, and poorer nations must continually export goods, crops, etc that are produced in less and less efficient ways. Simply looking at the “ecological footprint” of each nation’s industry, then, blurs the  responsibility for ecological degradation in poorer nations.

It’s like how if you’re really broke you’ll sell your vintage records for less than you know they’re worth, even if you’re, say, a DJ and you need them to make a living, and also the person you’re selling them to is grinding them up to make roads, and then you get a lecture on poor financial planning from a social worker. 

Jul 24

Something J pointed out to me that I think about a lot is that most non-Jews on the Left don’t talk about contemporary anti-Semitism ever, except in the context of ridiculing Jews for suggesting there might be anti-Semitism present in the Left.

I have seen many accusations of anti-Semitism against pro-Palestinian activists (many of whom are Jewish) that I think were made in bad faith. But like, if that’s just the punchline to you to the joke that there’s any anti-Semitism today worth speaking of, then whose point are you really proving?

Jul 22


“Most street-smart lesbians who frequented the gay bars knew about undercover agents and tried to take precautions against entrapment, but there was not much that could be done. Perhaps the tyranny of the ‘appropriate’ butch and femme dress in working-class bars can be explained in part by patrons’ fears: A Columbus, Ohio, woman recalls walking into a lesbian bar in the 1950s and finding that no one would speak to her. After some hours the waitress told her it was because of the way she was dressed - no one could tell what her sexual identity was, butch or femme, and they were afraid that if she did not know enough to dress right it was because she was a policewoman.” — Lillian Faderman, Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers: A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth-Century America
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Anonymous said: hey jobhaver I am in Melbourne Australia and I am very afraid of letting people into my house because it's the only place I am safe BUT if there was a trans person at risk of being homeless I would like to offer them my couch, is there any network dedicated to Australia? or anywhere I can let people know that I have a couch that is potentially available?



trans housing network accepts submissions from all over the world. most of the submissions we receive are from the united states, canada, and the united kingdom.

you can check to see if there are any “need couch” posts but you can also go to to make a “have couch” post there according to the guidelines on that page

Hello melbourne person! I run a Facebook group called Q Couch Surfing Network Melbourne which is specifically so that queer people can post saying “hey I need a couch to sleep on between ____ and ____” and people can reply and offer theirs. It’s a secret group (so that no one is outed) and it’s completely autonomous so I or someone else in it need to add you, but if you send me your email - the one you log into Facebook with- i can add you without being Facebook friends :)

Jul 21

In high school I had these close guy friends, we’d been friends for years, we’d shared dreams and struggles and all that. and we were all into Buffy and they all liked Xander. and they all ditched me really suddenly as soon as I got my first boyfriend. That’s when I noticed they only kept women around as long as they were either potentially available or could be understood as an honorary guy

and that’s all you need to know about Xander Harris